New Balance Soccer

Soccer is a physical game.  To support the fast-paced movements of the game, you will need tough and reliable soccer boots.  Yes, you will need a pair of shoes that will make you feel comfortable as you kick and run in the field.

There are many soccer shoes available today.  The most popular among them are those that come from the brands, Adidas, and Nike.  However, do you know that New Balance has recently introduced their new line of soccer shoes in the market?

Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Furon Dispatch FG Soccer 5.5

This is designed to withstand the tough and strenuous soccer games.  It is made of fabric and synthetic.   The shoes is provided with studs which will manage the pressure in your feet as you run.

Its shipping weight is around 3 pounds, and its color is a combination of white, blue and red.  It has an attractive design. Its beautiful vibrant red color is dominant when viewed sideward.

  • Furon 2.0 Pro FG

Furon 2.0 Pro FG comes in three attractive colors.  You can choose from these unique colors: bright cherry with galaxy and firefly, white with atomic and barracuda, and alpha orange with tornado.

This new pair of shoes from New Balance has enough cushions to support you while you’re kicking that soccer ball.  The shoes are designed to allow maximum flexibility and movement.  The collar can be lowered, so that you can quickly shift movements from time to time.

  • Visaro Liga Full Grain FG

The design of the shoe is simple compared to the other New Balance soccer shoes.   Full Grain FG comes only in two different colors.  The colors available are black with firefly and white with vivid cactus.

To provide elasticity, the outsole of the shoe is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).  EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is added to provide rubbery-feel softness, and to make the shoe flexible.  The studs of the shoe are durably placed to withstand the most strenuous soccer activity.

  • Visaro 2.0 Pro FG

This new pair from the popular shoe company, features vibrant colors and unique design. There’s only one color available for Visaro 2.0 Pro FG, typhoon with alpha orange.   This color is a combination of bluish gray and red.  Moreover, the surface of the shoe has a slight textured finish.

This show model provides superior control in every move.  With new pair, you can turn around and pivot with ease.  The interior of the shoe provides a comfortable feeling.  With this shoe you will feel like you are wearing your socks.

  • Visaro 2.0 Control AG

Control AG offers only one set of color which is also labeled as tornado with alpha orange.  The color combination is similar to that of “Pro FG”.  However, compared to “Pro FG”, the texture of the shoe is smooth and sleek.

This pair was designed to support you as you move.  The studs are strategically placed anywhere in the shoes, to provide precision as you turn, run, and maneuver the field.  This shoe will make you feel warm and cozy, so you can focus more on your goal.

  • Visaro 2.0 Control FG

This shoe model is similar to Pro FG and Control AG in design and color.  Like Control AG, this mode has a smooth texture on the surface.  You will never notice the difference between Control AG and Control FG until you look at the design and positioning of its studs.

Control FG will provide you with a comfortable feel.  This pair is designed to support your feet in every move.  The shoe has an EVA foot sole which provides cushioning and flexibility.

Although these soccer shoes are new in the market, they are of good quality and have sophisticated designs.  They may not be as popular as those from Adidas and Nike, but New Balance soccer shoes have what it takes to win the hearts of every soccer enthusiasts.

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