Why You Should Wear Googles When You Swim – A Review

Many keen swimmers will know the benefits of why wearing googles is a must in the pool. We really could write all day about why you should wear googles, not only for performance but health reasons as well.  It just makes so much sense, yes at first you may be worried what you look like if you are only a social swimmer but one visit to your local pool and you will see why so many people wear them.

As already mentioned, we’re not going to mention all the benefits or all the reasons why you should be wearing swimming googles, you can check out brilliant guides like this that will tell you all you need to know. Instead here are 2 main reasons:

  • Chlorine and other chemicals in pools can irritate eyes
  • Googles allow you to see more clearly, meaning you can avoid an accident with other swimmers

There two reasons alone should be enough to convince you why you need to wear googles when swimming. However as everyone’s fitness routine is different the googles you need may be different as well.

Pool or Ocean?

Now for many of us, we aren’t lucky enough to have the choice between pool and ocean. For the majority we just have to stick to pools until we are lucky enough to visit a beach in a break at work or on holiday. Pool swimming is a lot different, the water is usually filled with chlorine and other chemicals which can effect eyes and the pool is usually divided in to sections which swimmers can use to swim lengths.

In the ocean things are slightly more different you have the whole ocean to swim in and unlike a pool it isn’t divided up! Just like a pool however, googles are still recommend but they may no necessarily be the same ones as which you would wear in a pool so it is worth reading some reviews online or other resources that break down the differences like this article here. 

Once you have an idea of why you’re swimming and what you want to achieve you will be able to find a perfect pair of googles for you in no time.

Why do you swim?

  • To get fit
  • To compete
  • Just for fun

Choosing one or two of the above will help you when it comes to reviewing the right swimming googles for your needs. Although a lot of people reading this may think surely there isn’t that much difference when it comes to swimming googles, where to answer your question..there is!

There a number of brands including leaders such as Speedo, and even sports giants Adidas have even started manufacturing swimming googles as well. This competition has led to a lot more innovation and swimming googles are now extremely futuristic. It also means there are swimming googles for all types of swimmers so you can always find googles that are perfect weather you’re looking to swim in a competition or just for fun at your local pool.


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